10 beautiful cities in Spain to visit

We have all heard about the great art in Barcelona and the Ibiza party destination, but there are so many other places in Spain that are worth a visit. Spain is a multicolored country with a rich cultural heritage. From Catalonia to the Basque Country, each area has delicious food, different dialects and languages and different towns. Here are ten of the cities in Spain you probably haven't heard of, but you must visit!

Salvador Dali once called this beautiful corner his home. In Kadakes, you can walk to the old house of Dali, but if you are not very interested in art, you can always visit the worthty award-winning beaches and the historic center, where you will find great cafes and restaurants.

Morella (Morea)
Morela is a secluded city, hidden from the eyes of most tourists. The city is perfect for relaxing while eating freshly made tapas. Morela is also a great base camp spot in case you decide to climb the Maestrazgo Mountains. In any case, do not forget your comfortable shoes, because Morella is one of the most beautiful cities in Spain,which you need to see!

Andalusia is one of the first areas in Spain conquered by the Moors and most of the beautiful architecture and buildings are influenced by them. Walking through the maze of alleys, you will really feel the influence of the Moors in this beautiful Spanish city.

Setinil de las Bodegas
If you are looking for something unique and slightly different from the typical coastal towns, you will not be disappointed when you visit the Cetenil de las Bodegas. Part of the small town is built around a huge piece of rock that hangs over the Trejo River.

This scenic spot extends to the edge of a huge catwalk. Local legends say that once the gods split the village in two, due to endless misunderstandings between the population. When they got reconcile, the bridge was built to tie them back together.

The old European kings traveled to this small Spanish town to bathe in the hot springs because of their soothing and healing properties. Today, these springs are not only for royalty, but also for travelers like us!

Fewer than 500 people call this medieval town their home. We recommend that you visit him during the Concierto de las Velas. The streets are lit with thousands of candles on the background of classical Spanish music. 

Luarca is a quiet fishing town with a beautiful port where locals still go out every day to get fresh fish for the population and tourists. Be sure to ask for the best fish of the day as it changes daily depending on the catch.

Take a walk along the historic cobblestone streets of Ayllon and you will feel as you are transporting yourself to the Middle Ages, especially if you visit the city during the Middle Ages Festival in July! There are great things to see including the old Bishop Velosillo house that you must visit!

In addition to being a beautiful city, Calaceite became famous for its delicious desserts called “flaonets”. They are small pastries filled with pumpkin jam, honey and sprinkled with some sugar. Don't forget to take some of them while they are cooling down at the bakery.It is best to consume them slightly warm!
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