Cruise Journey

What do we need to know before we take a cruise trip?

Cruise trips have become more and more popular lately. Many people choose this type of trip to explore more landmarks in different countries, taking advantage of the comfort offered by cruise ships. The following rows will provide you with useful information about the things you need to know before taking such a trip.

1. Documents are the first thing you need to prepare. Explore the destinations you want to visit and ask if you will need visas for them. The passport as well as the ID card must be valid on the travel date and have at least 6 months after the cruise closure. Take good care of them because you will have to show them every time you board on the ship.

2.For your journey, in order to go smoothly and without unnecessary stress, it is a good to have a medical insurance and travel insurance. Most cruise companies provide insurance to their customers, so check out before the trip begins.

3.If you travel to an exotic destination, you may need to be vaccinated. This is done in order to be protected from viruses that are not known in our latitudes. For journeys in Europe, this is not necessary.

4.Cruise trips on ALL INCLUSIVE include all meals for the day, and some even enjoy guests with free room service. Dining times are fixed and, if missed, food is paid. If you have any special food preferences, you should report to the agency before the cruise starts. If you prefer to eat, when and as you choose, then freestanding cruises will be the most appropriate for you. When visiting the restaurant of the ship, it is advisable to observe a dress code. Banning is forbidden, and at official nights clothing must be formal. The main language on the ship is English, some have staff who speak French, Italian and German.

5.Baggage that you can take with you on a cruise ship is unlimited. There are no limits to be respected, but a rule that is not stated states that it should not be overstated. It is considered that two bags per person of about 25 kilograms are quite sufficient.

6.If you are traveling with children, you should know that they must be kept under constant observation by the parents. If the children are only with one parent, it is necessary to submit a notarized declaration from the other parent. On board, babies who are 6 months old are allowed. In this line of thoughts, pregnant women who have entered the sixth month are not allowed.

7.Cruise companies do not allow pets on their ships. Of course, the exception is only for guide dogs.

8.Smoking is permitted on cruise ships and is carried out at locations specified by the company. Quite often smoking is allowed in casinos and cabins. If you are a smoker, you should be further informed so you will not be fined.

9.Aboard the ship you can pay in dollars or in euros. Before the trip you will be revealed a board account on which the obligations will be accrued. Quite often the passengers are putting money in to this account before the trip and what does not absorb them is restored. The debit and credit cards on the big ship companies are accepted, but for sure, check out if your card is among the supported ones.

10.Even if you have chosen the ALL INCLUSIVE package all personal expenses such as souvenirs, off-shore meals, entertainment money, tips, and so on, you must be prepared for them. Explore the package you've chosen and explore where you will dock and what entertainment and fees are awaiting you. Read carefully all the documents provided by the travel agency. Do not be afraid to ask question if you have any ambiguities or concerns. Good preparation for a cruise means a journey filled with many positive emotions.