Rent a car

How to rent a car during your vacation?

As you know, until very recently to rent a car was considered as an expensive and hard-to-reach service, but today it can be said that this is one of the most convenient and comfortable ways to travel around your chosen vacational destination.

It is necessary to know how to hire a car, what documents are needed and what to look out for.

How can you book a rental car? 

At almost all airports you can find counters of various car rental companies, but  of the most profitable and convenient ways to book this service remains online. This way you can quickly compare different offers and even better is that you can get discounts.

First you need to choose a reliable online booking site and enter the dates and destination of your trip into the search engine. Secondly, you will have to choose from where it will be most convenient for you to pick up the car and where to bring it back.
When traveling abroad, most often this place is the airport where you are arriving and where you are departing, but there is also a possibility to pick from other convenient points.

The site system will offer you different options, depending on the vehicle class, number of seats, equipment, extras, fuel policy, and so on.By default, the personal data provided for reservation are the driver's name, phone number and email. You also have the option to fill in a flight number that will help you in case of a flight delay - the car rental company will be aware of it and you will not be penalized. 
Entering credit card details and confirming payment are the final steps, then you'll receive your voucher on your e-mail. 

What are the necessary documents when renting a car? 
The most important condition when renting a car online is the presence of a credit card on the driver's name. A debit card will not help you, and it can only complicate your vacation because the company can refuse to give you a car. 

We advise you before you make a trip, you must check whether you can drive with your driving license in the chosen destination. /This is necessary because for some countries you need to have an additional international driving license./ If there is a second driver, an additional fee is charged unless specifically mentioned in the booking process. ​

What to watch out for when renting a car?
When booking, pay attention to the following details in order to avoid problems during your trip.

What includes the rental price - cancellations, changes, insurances and etc.
What are the cancellation terms - is there a free one and if so, how long before the rental date you can cancel it.
What is fuel policy - in most cases the car is picked up and returned with a full tank, but there are exceptions.
What is the age of the driver - typically, if it is below or above a certain age, it is subject to additional charges.
Brand and model car - It is not excluded to get a different from the booked car. This should not surprising you - in most cases, companies explicitly say that it is possible to get a similar car, but it will surely match the parameters of the one which you reserved.
What are the options for additional insurance and protection - You should check this when booking a car.