Travelers challenges

Even the most wild travelers sometimes need additional ideas. Besides their creative brains, the ideas live and elsewhere. For example, in the book "203 Challenges for Travelers". And since the rain has forced us to sit mostly on the sofa in the living room lately, we've decided to share a few pages of this inspirational reading, in order to mark our next crazy goals. 

Here are a few of the moments in the book that we particularly liked:

Immerse yourself in a warm mineral pool outdoors while snowing

No matter how pleasant it is in the summer, the most amazing feeling is to immerse yourself in a outdoor mineral pool during the winter, while snow falls from the sky and you get soaked in warm mineral water and you do not care about the details, the meteorologists, or the degrees of air that start with "minus" ... Take a favorite warming drink  rum, tea, or rum with tea). 

Night challenge
Make a night march in the mountains only on headboards (or without headboards for advanced travelers).

Make yourself a shelter, find food yourself.
Here are some examples of self-assembled shelters which can insipire you, but it is far more interesting to simply unleash your fantasy and improvise. To make sure you put enough effort, do not take a tent and food from home.

Dive down and find sunken ships and underwater stone forests
In the deep blue there are not only fish and seaweed. There is no need to travel to exotic islands to discover amazing underwater views.

Look at a shipwrecked ship - without need to dive
If diving is not your passion, we challenge you to visit some of the most famous shipwrecks in the world ... without having to dive. If you continue outside the Uzbek town of Mouynak towards the Aral Sea, you will see a terrible sight around the road - the skeletons of long-deserted ships and fishing boats. Until 30 years ago, Muynak was a port on the Aral Sea, and today, due to rivers diverted for irrigation, is located in the desert, 50 km from the sea. And the road to the Aral Sea has become an ominous cemetery for ships.

Join the maldon mud race, UK
Rarely participants in other marathons around the world can boast of the huge amount of mud on clothes, as well as the enthusiasm of those who are involved each year in the Mallenium Mine Run. The natural mud, which is just one step away from entering the quagmire, requires steel nerve to pass the 400-meter route - running, falling, getting up and even crawling.

​Run on the Ice Marathon on Lake Baikal
This extreme race includes the standard length of just over 42 km, but on the frozen surface of Lake Baikal. And under the harsh conditions that only Siberia can provide in early March.

Get down, with a board, on an active volcano
The board has long been designed not only for snow. With a board you can also go down in more interesting places. The Vulcanboard is among the relatively new extreme sports. His native country is Nicaragua. There is also the most popular destination for it - the volcano Sero Negro, the youngest active volcano in South America - only 728 m high. To the volcano crater you must go on foot but afterwards follows the interesting part - downhill with a special board on top of volcanic stones and ash, with a speed of up to 75 km / h. 

Celebrate New Year's on a tent camp in the desert
Begin the new year with Bedouin cuisine, music and dancing near the campfire in the midst of the desert. Stay in a tent camp in the sand dunes and get up at dawn to meet the first sunrise for the new year of your life. Such tours are organized in Jordan, Dubai, Morocco, India, with varying prices, durations and included extras. 

​Create the most crazy challenge (like Dick Wills)
Dix Wills aims to visit every place in the UK whose name begins with the letter "Z". Their total number is 41. He has succeeded for one year. Then he wrote a book titled "Great Britain from Z to Z". After the end of the challenge, Dick managed to travel across the UK coast using only local buses - 196 buses in 6 weeks and a half.