Vacational Properties

From ceilings to luxurious penthouses. Through a castle in France, bamboo hut in Indonesia to a floating house in Denmark. You can hire each of them through platforms like HomeAway and AirBnb, and stay there for a day, two or a whole month. An alternative to hotels and a way to taste a bit more of the local life! 
It is clear that some capitals are not Rome, Paris or Vienna, but there is also a foreign tourist flow through them. The attractive offers of low-cost airlines and low-priced European standards are not a bad motive for tourists looking for a new city to explore.

Native homes for foreign tourists

In the most capitals an apartment through house rental platforms can be booked on the average price of 70 euros per day. The rented properties are mostly one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments and are located mostly in the center and the more communicative points of the city.
Whether you own a one-bedroom apartment in the capital, is it better to look for long-term landlords or foreign guests for short periods? It all depends on the occupancy of the rented apartment. There are a few basic things you need to know ...

The reservation is online, payment - with debit or credit card. From the amount of the reservation, the platform you have chosen has deducted its commission fees. For the hosts it is about 3%. Separately, hosts need to consider accomodating their guests or at least for the key point - handing over the home key. And then for the cleaning of the property.
To be a preferred host, however, your commitments do not stop here!

How To Be A Really Good Host?

Trust, good experience and attitude are the key to the success of a landlord at the house rental platforms. And the choice of which apartment to stay is usually based on the pre-read reviews for the property in question. The more positive reviews from previous guests, the more new tenants! That's why the hosts are making a lot of effort to deserve all five of the five stars in the reviews.

The renting apartment must be fully furnished and to offer the comforts of a completed home. This includes extras such as an equipped kitchen and a fine washing machine. As well an iron, at least simple utensils, and why not a coffee maker. The good apartments are well hygiene suited to hygiene. A sufficient number of clean towels and sheets are simply obligatory. One-time toothbrushes would be a useful bonus.
Often highly rated hosts are courting their guests with various "bequeathing" gifts. Typically, these are traditional products that only enhance the experience of tourists thirsty for new impressions. So, for example, staying in an HomeAway home in Italy, it is very likely in a kitchen cabinet to find a spaghetti and tomato juice carefully left by the hosts. Or standard hospitality gifts such as a bottle of wine in the refrigerator or morning coffee biscuits.
Before it gets to all of this, however, the pictures of the property are those that grab the eyes of anyone looking for their next new place in the platform. And here the interior is the most important condition!
How should the accommodation look like?
Even if there are no rules outlined, suites in the rental platforms seem to follow some unwritten code. They are bright and welcoming. Modern but also traditional. Clear but full of character. And always - super functional.
Bright and clean
Experts would advise: Stay in neutral colors and clean style! The light background has the feeling of purity. And the setting can be cured by several color accents or even pillows. Lighting should not be underestimated, and several strategically positioned mirrors can play with a sense of more space.

Old and new
Holiday homes are usually hired by active, young people who are recognized in a more modern vision. It is not necessary, however, to fully furnish the place with new furniture. Dress them up with some vintage items and elements that even make the atmosphere more real, cozy and homely. For example - old wooden chairs, a slightly worn desk or an old dressing table.
Super functionality
In the majority of cases, the rented properties are small in size, but they have to offer the comforts of a well-equipped family apartment. Guests will be staying here for two to three days or a week, but will expect to get the feeling that they will live for a short while in one's home. So he has to offer the maximum comfort and make use of every corner. In this direction, Airbnb hosts often reach ingenious zoning solutions.
Distinctive details in the interior are those that will make one apartment shine among hundreds of other offers. They may have bold color solutions (such as a color-bracing front door) or multiple wall paintings. The accommodation should not show your personal belongings, but it is important to show personal attitude. That's why decorations and objects bearing the authentic spirit of the place will be what will make your home stand out among others.