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​You can access the desired website with just one click on the brand
Autotrader is perhaps the most popular car sales website in the United States. Annually receives more than 300 million visits. Being able to filter by Private Seller is one of its advantages. To advertise the website offers several paid options. You can find them here. ​Selling the vehicle directly to them, through Kelley Blue Book, is also an existing alternative. is another of the most popular websites in this market. More than 70 million annual visits guarantee it. Posting the ads is free, but you pay a commission on the sale that is currently $ 99. The options are available here. This website offers the possibility to filter by the Seller Type too. 
Other website to consider is It receives about 250 million annual visits. The option to select the Seller Type is available here too. They offer different options to sell a vehicle, including a free one.  You can see them here.
Although Oodle is not only car sales website, its offer of vehicles, throughout The United States, is very broad. Almost 500 thousent posts from Private Party. The website recives more than 180 million annual visits and offers almost 200 thousent posts from owners. Listing is for free.
Being able to filter by Type of Seller facilitates the searches.
Kelley Blue Book works with They directly buy your vehicle. is one of the well known US website in this trade. For more information please click here. is also quite popular website dedicated to this business. They buy your car in cash. Receive you free offer here.​
On you can also sell your vehicle very quickly. Probably is the best known US website in this business. You can price your car here.
​Although not exclusively dedicated to the purchase of vehicles, is another website that offers this service. It is one of the most popular. See the value of your car and get a cash offer in minutes here.
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