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With more than 2 billion annual visits is real estate portal which gives best visibility to your ad. Properties can be listed for free. The website offers a wide range of homes for sale and rent, but unfortunately is not possible to separate them by the type of seller.
StreetEasy is another of the most popular real estate portals. They collaborate with The website exposes more than 30 thousand properties for sale and rent, throughout the New York and New Jersey area. It has more than 60 million annual visits. Unfortunately it is not possible to filter by agents or private seller. There are two options of listing your property, none is for free. You can check them here. is other website where ads can be published through You can do it here. With about 700 million annual visits and more than 60 thousand properties is a real estate portal to consider.
Hotpads is also part of Zillow family. It is the Reals Estate portal dedicated to the rental of homes. It currently has more than 50 thousand ads and about 100 million annual visits. When searching, you can filter by the type of seller. The properties can be advertised for free, through Zillow.
Realtor is the main real estate portal of the other large group in this sector. With more than one billion annual visits, it has a strong presence on the national scale.
Doorsteps belongs to the same group. With its more than 15 million annual visits it is a real estate portal to take into consideration. is the website of the same group dedicated to the elderly people. Every year it receives more than 2 million visits.
With its 600 million annual visits, Redfin is among the most popular names in the US real estates market.
400 million annual visits say a lot about this real estate portal. is one of the most visited in the United States.
FSBO is one of the real estate portal that you can contact directly with the seller. It receives around 700 thousand annual visits. There are two options for publishing a property. You can find them here offers homes with sunny locations all over the world. Annually it has about 7 million visits.
In it is not possible to filter by private sellers or agents. The website has a wide range of properties and about 70 million annual visits.
Tranio is a Russian real estate portal where you can list your property worldwide, including in the United States. To advertise your home on this portal,you need to contact an agent. The website is visited every year more than 3 million times.
Arkadia is another international website dedicated to promote real estates for sale and rent. The ads are paid. The two available options can be seen here. The website receives 5 million visits annually. as the name indicate, is a website to advertise luxury real estate. Listings are made through real estate agents. ​The website receives almost 15 million annual visits.
Prian is other Russian real estate portal where you can publish properties in almost all around the world. The price to advertise, up to 2 properties, is € 15 per month. ​In 2019 the website was visited more than 12 million times.
With almost 200 million annual visits Onthemarket is one of the most popular international real estate portals. Unfortunately, private sellers cannot advertise their homes on it. It is only for real estate agents.
Although Oodle is not specifically dedicated to the real estate branch, its housing offer throughout The United States is very broad and has a large audience. The website recives more than 180 million annual visits and offers almost 200 thousand posts from owners. Listing is free of charge.
The possibility to filter by Type of Seller facilitates the searches.